Nigerian public health groups set up training centre in Abuja

nigerian public


nigerian public

The Association for the Defense of Child and Family Health (PACFaH) has opened a multimillion-dollar training center in Naira in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria.

Named after the late Professor of African Politics at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, Abdulrauf Mustapha, the center was commissioned Friday in the Central Business District of the city.

Mr. Mustapha was president of the board of directors of PACFaH, an organization that brings together seven organizations organized around the theme of family planning, nutrition, immunization, pneumonia, and diarrhea.

By declaring the building open, Paulin Basinga, the new National Director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Nigeria, paid tribute to the vision and partnership of PACFaH.

He urged organizations to give an expanded meaning and continued valued for the development of family health in Nigeria. He was assisted by Barad Tytel, the acting deputy director of politics and defense.

“The need for a dedicated space that we can call our own to serve the development of the capacity of civil society” led to the thought and establishment of the Abdulrauf Mustapha training center, “said Judith Ann-Walker, project director of PACFaH at the ceremony

“We hope that with the center, all the credible groups of civil society in the health space will find a platform to improve the skill set of its members,” said Walker.

According to the statement on the website, PACFaH was created in 2014 “to present innovative, social and responsible projects through the unique strategy of capacity development for CSOs on the demand side and government champions on the side of the offer to build associations to advance family health through the defense. ”

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When the program ended in 2017, it was expanded as PASA (PACFaH @ scale) to “contribute to the strengthening of Nigeria’s health system by creating an atmosphere of receptivity and accounting through sustainable activities, aimed at objectives and based on evidence from society indigenous and civic organizations, making the government at the national and subnational levels respond by its promises and standards in matters of child and family health “.

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