Sony’s new 2018 smartphones could replicate Apple’s BEST iPhone X feature



The leading mobile device analyst revealed that we could see Sony make changes to the “design and display features” of its premium phones so that they were more in line with rivals like the iPhone X.

“Sony devices have always had a particular aspect, making them recognizable, but the trend has moved towards OLED screens with reduced levels in the device, and this is something that Sony needs to be part of or risk falling behind.”

Choudhary told The Sun that Sony could launch a device with an LG OLED screen “as early as this year or early 2019.”

“It all depends on how serious this conversation is, but if it goes ahead, it could affect the devices very soon.”

iphone x
iphone x





However, the company has not revealed any hardware details about the new phones, so we are in the dark for now. We have asked Sony for a comment, and we will update this article with any response.

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