The Truth About Davido And Wizkid Style Of Music

wizkid and davido


wizkid and davido
davido and wizkid

It is often said that the heartbeat of Afropop music is found in Nigeria and it is difficult to think otherwise considering that two of the continent’s biggest pop artists are of Nigerian origin. Davido and Wizkid are the leading pairs of pop music. artists in Africa, although they share a common interest in the genre, their approach to art is different.

Even the most fanatical fan of Afro-pop music would agree that the elements of Davido’s music differ from those of Wizkid, which is why fans often debate in social networks which of the two artists has a better “wave” or who between the two took the biggest record. Sometimes, the debate could swing in the direction of differences in your lifestyle or it could be as straightforward as saying “Wizkid get the voice, Davido no get”.

For a musical genre like his, whose common themes are related to erotic love, opulence and pride of place; It seems ironic that Davido tries to connect with his subject at a level that goes beyond the materialistic character suggested by his activities on social networks, but this is understandable knowing that not everything that Davido sings in songs is actually a product of his experience. emotional. Many times, he receives help with his compositions.

In songs with themes of love like Flora My Flawa, Davido is submissive and humble to love, while Wizkid always seems to have control when singing about topics such as love or sexual desires. In the days when he made records like Holla At Your Boy and Love My Baby, his approach to love seemed entertaining and warm, but he seems to have become a man with assertive features in more recent releases like One For Me, where he sang “whining”. They say that no man can control / if he feels better than Silver and Gold / Is it forever girl? Let me know.”

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With respect to the songs about affluence and wealth, Davido is more suitable for the description of a “self-directed”: he is the kind of man who would say something like “I am doing and spending the owo / Mehn, I will be dancing the owo, stealing the owo / I’ll never be saving the owo, I’ll be uploading the owo / Getting the owo, and I’ll take your Iyawo / … Mehn, I’ll change your life, I’ll put something in your life, ehh “while Wiz would say less and let more to the imagination of your listener with lines like “All my guys know me all about my role / I caught girls around me, I’m not a tracker, yeah / Starboy call me number one / When I adjust tone, girls, bounce ”

One thing is common to the two verses: the theme, but the style of expression differs between the choice of words, the sound, the delivery character and other elements of art. However, regardless of the two singers’ different approach to music, both seem to have mastered the trade of using their discreet musical style to create continental hit songs. Comparing the art of Davido and Wizkid is like comparing vodka with whiskey: two alcoholic drinks with different appearance and different distillation properties, but they give almost the same satisfaction.

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